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Wrist Watch Repair and Pocket Watch Repair
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Ken Kotoski - Certified Master Horologist

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Professional High Quality Watch Repair For The Following Brands


Anne Klein


Audemars Piguet


Baume & Mercier







Bueche Girod














Daniel Mink











Girard Perregaux





E. Howard



Jacques Edho

Jaeger Lecoultre

Jules Jurgenen




Le Coultre


Lord Elgin


Lucien Piccard

Maurice Lacrouix


Michel Herbelin






Patek Philippe

Paul Peugeot

Paul Picot



Porsche Design



Raymond Weil





Saint Honore



Seth Thomas

South Bend

Swiss Army

Tag Heuer

Tiffany & co


Ulysse Nardin

Universal Geneve


Vacheron Constantin






Let Me Expertly Repair Your Watch.
Vintage Pocket Watches to the Finest Watches of Today.

Why should you send your watch to us?
This answer could take a whole page by itself but I will try to keep it short.
Up until the 1970's watchmakers were in every jewelry store in the country and jewelry stores were on just about every major street corner. When the quartz watch was introduced the need for watchmakers was drastically reduced. Jewelers at that time no longer wanted a watchmaker on staff. Because of this the total number of watchmakers in the U.S. dwindled to just a couple thousand. Since then the number has gotten below 1000 watchmakers in the U.S. who have real schooling and work full time.
In most places in the U.S. you can no longer find a watchmaker who actually knows what they are doing and that is local to you. So you have a choice.
1) You can find someone close by and take a chance they are not a "Watch Breaker" instead of a Watchmaker/Horologist,
2) Ask your local jeweler to send it off to someone they know and pay a mark up on the cost of repair (usually 2 times their cost) or
3) You can send it to me and know that your watch will be repaired properly according to industry standards and specifications.
Yellowstone Watch Repair has been in business and repairing all watches for more than 10 years. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and tens of thousands of satisfied customers. You could be one also by sending your watch to us.

Services we offer:
Quartz Watch Repair
Disassemble, inspect, ultrasonically clean the case and band (metal), clean the quartz movement, replace the battery, check for accuracy, reseal. We perform overhauls, cleanings, tune-ups, battery replacements, crystal replacement, crown replacement, movement replacement and just about anything else your watch needs.
For more information on the services we can provide for your valuable quartz watch, follow this link.

Mechanical Watch Repair
Completely disassemble, inspect, ultrasonically clean the movement and case and band (if metal), replace the mainspring, lubricate according to manufacturer specs., adjust the timing, reseal your mechanical watch. Along with the other work you request like crystal replacement, pressure test, repaint the luminous, stem replacement, crown replacement and so on.
For more information on the services we can provide for your valuable mechanical watch, follow this link.

Crystal Replacement
Including plastic, rock glass, mineral glass and sapphire, custom cut crystals, anti-reflective coated watch crystals.
If your wrist watch has a flat or domed round "mineral glass" crystal now, a sapphire crystal may be available that will fit your watch and a sapphire crystal will give you a virtually scratch resistant crystal. Some solar watches cannot have a sapphire crystal installed. If your watch has a plastic crystal in it now it cannot be replaced with a sapphire crystal.

Watch Battery Replacement
We use only the best batteries on the market. All sizes are on hand and fresh.
You can be sure the battery we install in your watch is the freshest available. Our batteries are replaced monthly.
We offer batteries for most quartz watches that we Guarantee to last for 5 years!! OR WE WILL REPLACE IT AT NO CHARGE!

Watch Bands
Replacement Watch Bands to fit Breitling, Omega, Movado, Rolex, Sinn, Tag Heuer, Seiko, Citizen, Bulova and all other brands.
Watch bands, watch straps and watch bracelets. Genuine and after market bands in Calf Skin, Oiled Leather, Mens Leather, Ladies Leather, Lizard, Crocodile, Aligator, Stingray, Shark, Snake, Metal - both Expandable and Link, Divers, Nylon Sport, NATO/ZULU style bands. Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer and many other styles.
Replacement Watchbands by Hadley Roma, deBeer, Hirsch, WBHQ.
Many watchbands are on sale and check out the close out watch bands for great deals!

Crown, Stem, Pushers and Case Tube Replacement
Genuine and after market - Dress, Dustproof, Lever Back, Pocket Watch, Waterproof, Screwdown, Divers and Colored Stone Crowns. When these parts are worn, stop sealing or if you want a different style, we can replace them for you. Genuine stems and case tubes replaced. Pushers rebuilt or replaced.

Dial Refinishing
If the paint is coming off your dial or the luminosity is no longer working or if you just want a different color(s) on the dial then refinishing the dial will make it look just like new and give your watch that look you desire.

Hand Replacement
Maybe the hands on your watch are bent, maybe the luminosity is no longer working on your watch hands, maybe the hands are damaged by moisture or maybe you just want a different style or color so you can see them better. We can replace the hands or repaint the hands and repaint the luminous so they glow again.

Retrofitting is when a quartz movement is used to replace amechanical movement in the watch. This requires a good deal of research to find a quartz movement that will work correctly in the case and with the dial and hands.

Custom Part Making and Replacement
Such as balance staffs, stems, dials, and more are made for your watch when the genuine original and after market parts are no longer available.

Watches that have extensive problems or damage can be restored to like new condition.

If you don't find what you are looking for on our site please contact us.

Yellowstone Watch Repair is a full service watch repair center. Most times even the things others won't do, can't do or claim can't be done, we can do for you.
Just because it isn't listed here does not mean we don't do it.

NO corners will be cut. We will NOT do rush jobs.
Quality cannot be rushed. A fast job normally is a low quality job. Your watch deserves better. There are some repairs that do not take a lot of time but even when we replace a battery we take our time to make sure the whole watch is in good condition.
You deserve the very best for your money.

ETA Trained &

Yellowstone Watch Inc. is Rated A+ with the BBB.

Our Customers are saying:
Got the watch yesterday, and as usual, the work was absolutely perfect! I couldn't be happier with it!! :-)
Many, many thanks,
Thanks, Kristi - they sure enough did deliver already. Looks great and ticking away. Many thanks to you and Ken. I went back out on slick snowy roads dodging careless drivers sliding into each other to retrieve it from the post office.
I'll be contacting you about my Dad's Croton Nevada Grechen watch sometime soon.
Stay warm. Mike Foster
Vaurnet watch:
Got the watch the other day and I am again amazed! I figured that re-luming the small hands & tiny markers on the watch would look good, but also figured if I looked closely, I'd be able to tell it wasn't quite factory perfect....... was I wrong on that!!!
It absolutely looks factory-perfect, and the little devil glows all night now, so when I'm traveling, I'm all set. (Not to mention that the mechanism now runs perfectly).
Whoever worked on this watch is as much an artisan as a technician- just wanted to relay my appreciation......
Thanks, Mark
P.S. In 5 years or so, when the battery starts to go, you'll be seeing this watch again- I don't think I'd trust anyone else to work on it now.....same for my other watchzq, come to that! :-)